Patients Introduction
The High Speed Braces™ Company is proud to announce the release of a breakthrough in cosmetic dental care...3 Month Braces™. This may be the fastest style of non-surgical orthodontic treatment on the planet! Click here to listen to our radio press release for 3 Month Braces

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Dental professionals who offer this technique combine High Speed Braces™ orthodontic technology with advanced training in cosmetic and restorative care to provide a cutting edge style of aesthetic dental care. The 3 Month Braces™ program is designed for mild cases which could take up to a year with aligner treatment usually at a much greater cost, while High Speed Braces™ can usually reduce the treatment time for more complex situations.

"In less than 3 1/2 months I went from a crooked smile that I was ashamed of to a beautiful straight smile. No one ever knew I had braces on...the porcelain braces were nearly invisible. I got my smile back and now flash my pearly whites everywhere!"
-Mari-Anne Andersen, 3 Month Braces™ client

How can teeth be straightened faster? To begin with many practitioners are not especially concerned about the duration of treatment...but of course they aren’t the ones wearing the braces. HSB practitioners understand there needs to be a balance between the treatment time and results and the latest research supports the concept of increased safety by reducing the time patients are in orthodontic braces. To keep things easy to understand the HSB practitioners have a number of methods (special brackets, wires, cosmetic guidelines) that can give you a naturally attractive smile™ in a very short time relative to traditional braces and aligners (at a fraction of the cost of veneers).

"My response to my first glance was overwhelming. I didn't recognize my old self. I waited a lifetime for this moment! Thank you doesn't express the gratitude I feel."
-Sharon Watson, High Speed Braces™ client

The BIGGEST advantages of faster styles of braces are that they can now compete with porcelain veneer makeovers for 3 main reasons:
  • High Speed Braces™ typically are much more affordable than porcelain veneers.
  • High Speed Braces™ are usually more conservative than veneers.
  • High Speed Braces™ will likely involve lower maintenance costs (if retainers are worn as recommended).

“I feel fabulous, I can finally smile for pictures and not be embarrassed ...YAHOO!”
Patty Riench, High Speed Braces™ client-

To find out if High Speed Braces™ are right for you or your teenager